Application for Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll (Form - 8A)

I. Details of person whose entry is to be transposed:
Please select/enter the AC No,Part No and Serial No of the person for transposition:
Ac No:
Part No:
Name of the Voter:
Part number of electoral roll in which his/her name is included:
His/her serial number in that part:
Electors Photo Identity Card number:
Father's/Mother's/Husband's First Name*:
Father's/Mother's/Husband's Last Name*:
II. Particulars of present place of ordinary residence (Full Address):
House No/Door No.*:
Post Office:
Pin Code:
III. Period of continuous residence at the above mentioned address on the date of application:
IV. Part No to which the entry has to be transposed (if known):
V. Details of Applicant:
Ac No:
Part No of Applicant:
First Name of the Applicant:
Last Name of the Applicant:
Electors Photo Identity Card number:
E-mail ID:
Mobile No: